Sunday, October 18, 2009

Veggie Chicken Salad

I am in the process of trying to make my own mayo so I can have chicken salad but my first attempt did not go over was pretty gross. Anyone know of a good mayo recipe?

In the mean time I made Cilantro-Lime Chicken Salad for Brian and me for lunch. It was awesome!!!!

For the kids I made:
Veggie Chicken Salad

Grind cooked chicken til fine. (this is a great way to use the scrap pieces of chicken) (I ground it in my magic bullet in lots of small batches)
Add mixture of pureed zucchini and carrots or any left over vegetable(somehow the flavors seem to cancel each other out).
Add salt.
Add boiled egg (optional)
Add chopped fermented cucumbers (pickles) (optional)
By gradually increasing the veggies, you can make it with almost half veggies
I added a lot of seasonings to help this one out (curry, paprika, garlic, ground mustard)

It went over very well.


  1. I tried mayo the other day too for the first time and it was awful. I'm a little afraid to try again, but I am on the lookout for recipes! Glad to have stumbled upon this blog - you sound like me :)

  2. Thanks for finding me Laurie...let me know if you ever find a mayo recipe you like. I think I may try it again with half olive oil and half coconut oil. I'm pretty sure its the olive oil taste I don't like. Good luck on GAPS.