Friday, October 2, 2009

On or off the Wagon? Where the hell is the wagon?

I don't know what day to call this post. I have totally lost track of where we're at on the diet. We started the kids on Monday this week and Tyler started throwing up that night. I thought it was a die off reaction but turns out it was a viral infection. We have been in the hospital with Grayson since Wednesday night because of dehydration. I am praying they will come in and tell us we can go home...I'm also praying for a wet diaper. I really don't want to spend another night here.

I have pretty much stayed on the wagon. I've had a few things that have strayed from the diet only because its pretty hard to have organic, home cooked food for three days in a hospital.

I feel a little discouraged about the diet with the kids. The virus messed us all up. Tyler now thinks that its the new way of eating that made him throw up. He won't even drink the stock any more which is something he's been drinking and even asking for with enthusiasm for weeks now. He is resistant to everything, even very normal foods like meats and vegetables. He gags when we make him eat something.

I'm not sure where Gray is on his attitude toward eating the diet. Right now he doesn't want to eat even apple sauce. I wish I had waited one more day to start the diet, then we would be starting next Monday and no one would be associating this food with being sick.

Just found out we get to go home!!! I am so excited to sleep in my bed and cuddle on the couch with Brian.

If you'll notice I have about 30 posts from the last 2 days. I've been cataloging recipes I've tried and found on-line to organize myself. You can find all the recipes organized by clicking the recipe option to the right top of the blog.

or go HERE to see my recipe list

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  1. i love you kim. :o) so glad you wrote that about adding like thirty posts. i was clicking here this morn to catch up on blogs you had written and was like woah...i guess it has been a long time. some of the receipes look pretty yummy. i love you! i am so proud of you. and so thankful for your hubby's words of truth and encouragement. we would of course be up for making brian a plate of whatever we have each night. so proud of you. praying for the ice cream at 7 and for hopes and vision to be filling your mind...even joy and fun (at least not feelings of overwhelmedness) as you prepare some of these perfect for fall meals. hugs, my precious sister! -laura marie