Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Making Bone Stock

I've had many requests to get this info out there so here you go...

Why make your own bone stock?
There are many blogs that answer this question already. For a good one go here
In my own words, basically its one of the most nutritious things you can do for you and your family. Its been traditionally used for centuries as a healer to the gut but you don't have to have gut issues to benefit from it. Home made beef stock (from pasture raised animals) has as much calcium as milk and tons of other vitamins and minerals. It is also loaded with lots of good fat that we all need. It is the staple of the diet we are following.

Commercial stock adds flavor to cooking but does contain anywhere near the health benefits and may even contain genetically modified organisms, MSG, and hormones.

How do you make your bone stock?
Again, there are many, better blogs out there that answer this question. Two I like are:
1. From GAPSters
2. From the Simple Dollar: this one talks about how to use all parts of the chicken and not waste anything.
3. From Simply Recipes: this one talks about roasting your meat bones first to get a good flavor

I have found that I like making it in the crock pot keeps our kitchen cooler and I don't have an open flame going all night.

I have also found that you shouldn't go light on the salt. Put in LOTS of salt.

Where do you get your bones?
The best place I've found is from Greenwood Farms at the Tower Grove Farmers Market. We go on Saturday mornings. You can buy a bag of backs and necks for about $2/lb. One bag makes about 3 mason jars of stock. You can also buy a bag of legs and thighs (also about $2/lb). One bag of these also makes about 3 mason jars and also lots of yummy chicken to pull off and eat for dinner or save for snacks/lunches. You can also make stock by boiling the whole chicken or using the bones after you've roasted and eaten the chicken.

Greenwood Farms will be supplying meat, pork, chicken and eggs throughout the winter. You call them at 800-253-6574 to place your order (by Thursday each week) and then you go pick it up on Saturday at a place on Kingshighway.

What do you do with your stock?
We drink it with our meals to aid the digestion of your food. Its supposed to act like a digestive enzyme. I send it in thermos straw cups with the kids to school for snack and lunch time. I make all kinds of soup with it. I boil vegetables in it. I freeze it in ice cube trays and pull out when I need to add flavor or in cup size containers to make soup later. I put it in Annabelle's bottle instead of milk.

Happy soup making!

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