Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GAPS diet: Kid's Day 1 & 2

All the kids started the diet yesterday. We've been talking to Tyler about it and he was all on board (in theory). I think he was still a little shocked when he sat down to a breakfast of chicken soup. Grayson was not happy about his soup and neither ate very much. I sent them off to school with their thermos' of chicken stock and little snack coolers with boiled chicken and broccoli. Oh, how I never wanted to be "that family."

I was positive as they day went on. Their teachers were on board with their new snacks and didn't look at me like I had five heads when I explained they would be drinking broth while their friends had kool-aid. When I picked Gray up, his teacher said he ate all his snack and asked for more broth. He and AB both downed their zucchini soup at lunch. I felt great victory.

Then, Tyler's teacher called in the afternoon to say Tyler had been sitting at the table with his head down and asking to go home. My mom went to pick him up. She is here for a few days, which is so wonderful. I couldn't have done this last two days without her. He fell asleep on the way home, then threw up all night and all day the next day (yesterday).

When I brought Gray and Tyler their breakfast yesterday morning, they looked at me and both started vomiting at the same time. I was literally still holding their bowls in shock. I ran to get a trash can and had to alternate between the two of them. This went on the whole day. Tyler; probably over 10 times throughout the day and Gray; probably 6 times throughout the night. We had to change his PJS, blankets, and sheets each time. We pretty much spent the whole day doing laundry and cleaning up. Please pray that this is the worst of it and it is over.

Apparently, this is a pretty common reaction to the start of the diet. Its called "die off." I'm on a yahoo group which has been very helpful to talk to other families and get encouragement. Everyone seems to think this is normal and part of healing. Its the body getting rid of all the toxins.

Tyler ate some eggs, peas and a little bit of broth this morning. Gray just woke up.

Please pray against an aversion to soups, especially broth. Tyler thinks that is what is making him sick. It is a staple to healing the gut and he needs it.

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